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The Earth Design International Team offers a rare blend of public and private side experience and perspective. We understand the political environment, land development, land use and site design, sustainability, current planning  and facilitation. 

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Doreen Liberto is the original partner of Earth Design International (EDI), which was established in 1984 as an earth science and land use firm.  Since that time, EDI has branched out to include other partners and associates and work on international projects. Doreen utilizes her 40+ years of experience to provide a unique perspective to modern-day Community Planning and Development.

Doreen is an expert negotiator, having graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law with a degree in Dispute Resolution. Her experience in project management, land use, environmental, resource management sustainability, and mediation gives her a unique perspective on the needs of communities. Doreen brings a wealth of expertise to EDI, as she works with her team to address modern community challenges. More information...

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Scott has worked with Doreen off and on for almost 15 years. Finally, she has convinced him to formally explore how their two diverse  skill / experience sets interrelate.   Scott has crafted a career that now consists of nearly 40 years of private and public private professional planning experience. He has performed in Senior Management and/or Ownership capacities since the late 80’s and has been heavily involved in professional organizations at the local, regional and state levels including APA and USGBC.   


During his 25 years of private side work he has specialized in the design, management, processing, and presentation of large-scale mixed use and community level master planning projects. In his more than14 years of public side work he has specialized in development review, refining and crafting development regulations, creating consensus, downtown redevelopment and large scale comprehensive planning.  Scott's career focus is on Healthy, Sustainable Community.    


A  Cal Poly SLO grad,  Scott will continue to pursue new areas of expertise implementing the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo adage of “learn by doing”.  More Information...

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