The Earth Design International Team offers a rare blend of public and private side experience and perspective. We understand the political environment, land development, land use and site design, sustainability, current planning  and facilitation. 

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Scott Bruce
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Doreen Liberto is the original partner of Earth Design International (EDI), which was established in 1984 as an earth science and land use firm.  Since that time, EDI has branched out to include other partners and associates and work on international projects. Doreen utilizes her 40+ years of experience to provide a unique perspective to modern-day Community Planning and Development.

Doreen is an expert negotiator, having graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law with a degree in Dispute Resolution. Her experience in project management, land use, environmental, resource management sustainability, and mediation of medical cannabis issues gives her a unique perspective on the needs of communities. Doreen brings a wealth of expertise to EDI, as she works with her team to address modern community challenges. More information...

Community Development
Jeremy Freund
Principal Planner
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Jeremy has been providing planning services to private clients and public agencies for the past 20 years - focusing on coastal communities of California, well known for their complex regulations. His experience spans the whole spectrum of jurisdictional planning services including local, state, and federal agencies.  Jeremy thrives on collaboration with engineers, design teams, environmental consultants, and regulatory staff.


A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Jeremy also utilizes the Cal Poly “learn by doing” philosophy to guide clients and their projects through the intricate regulatory environments. He has conducted numbers of  feasibility analysis reports, performed field investigations, processed projects and facilitated  public presentations.

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Scott has worked with Doreen off and on for almost 15 years. Finally, she has convinced him to formally explore how their two diverse  skill / experience sets interrelate.   Scott has crafted a career that now consists of nearly 40 years of private and public private professional planning experience. He has performed in Senior Management and/or Ownership capacities since the late 80’s and has been heavily involved in professional organizations at the local, regional and state levels including APA and USGBC.   


During his 25 years of private side work he has specialized in the design, management, processing, and presentation of large-scale mixed use and community level master planning projects. In his more than14 years of public side work he has specialized in development review, refining and crafting development regulations, creating consensus, downtown redevelopment and large scale comprehensive planning.  And now, since 2016,  has focused on Medical / Commerical Cannabis in CA.  Scott's career focuses is on Healthy, Sustainable Community.    


A  Cal Poly SLO grad,  Scott will continue to pursue new areas of expertise implementing the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo adage of “learn by doing”.  More Information...

Special Projects
Don Funk
Principal Planner

Don likes the variety of working on Special Projects.  For ten years he served as an Executive Director for the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District and as an Erosion Control Specialist, Project Review Planner, River Restoration project designer and Project Construction Site Manager. He has coordinated stream restoration and erosion control projects with USDA NRCS engineers. Don has been a Community Development Director and has handled the full range of Current Planning Assignments.    

Brenda Hooper
Conflict Resolution
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Brenda Hooper

Strategic Solutions for Workplace Conflict

Brenda is an International Trainer on Board Governance and Dispute Resolution where she helps the Board of Directors and CEO's overcome board dysfunction by improving their communication, conflict management, and board governance process. 

As a national mediation trainer for the ADR Institute of Canada, she is passionate about supporting others who want to develop their dispute resolution skills. Brenda offers a variety of communication and conflict management training and services for individuals and organizations, customized to suit every situation.

Visit her website at

Doug Wood
Vicente del Rio
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Vicente del Rio

Professor Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, City Planning Department

Vicente is a registered architect with Brazil's Council for Architecture and Urbanism. He lectures and publishes extensively in the U.S. and internationally, and has authored six books. Vicente specializes in urban design methods and techniques, including community outreach and participatory methods.

A native of Brazil, Vicente is fluent in Portuguese (m.t.), English and Spanish. Before moving to the US, Vicente worked for Rio de Janeiro's metropolitan planning office and for the city's planning department, and as a consultant and project associate in several planning and urban design in Brazil.  Vicente has received numerous awards in Brazil and in the US. 

He was the urban designer of record in the runner-up team for the 2016 Rio Olympic Park Master Plan international competition.

Barry Wilson
Systems Ecologist
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Barry J Wilson, BSC.F, RPF

Systems Ecologist and co-owner,

CE Analytic Ltd.

Barry is not only a systems ecologist, but also a professional forester, nonprofit founder, strategic planner and teacher. 

Barry's passions are exploring the great outdoors, history, systems thinking, taking on a challenge and helping others. He has focused his 28 years of professional work on sustainability, integrated land management and understanding cumulative effects.

Barry shares his passions through his work, live presentations, a podcast called The Virtual Time Machine and his YouTube Channel. Barry donates 1% of all revenue earned to organizations working on sustainability through a partnership with "1% For The Planet".


Doug Wood

Douglas Wood & Associates, Inc.

Doug's professional background includes experience in both the private and public sectors and has included direct involvement in all phases of project development and environmental planning, design and processing.

His specialty includes involvement in the preparation of specialized biological, archaeological, paleontological, geologic, hydrologic, traffic circulation, fiscal, air quality and acoustical surveys through our subconsultant team as well as interface with a variety of local, State and Federal regulatory agencies.