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(Mediation and Facilitation)

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Mediation is a process where the disputing parties appoint a mediator trained in the area of dispute resolution and knowledgeable in the subject matter of the dispute. Like arbitration, mediation involves choosing a third party to help resolve the dispute, but, unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not impose a decision. With her 40+ years of experience in  land use development policy and regulation, Doreen has the expertise necessary to facilitate discussion to help disputing parties arrive at a mutually agreed-upon settlement. 


As a collaborator, Doreen will utilize a team effort to find solutions for conflict resolution. Under her supervision as a trained mediator, the parties involved can find a third way, a better way than either of the “ways” of one side or the other. To achieve that better way, everyone relies on the intelligence, the creativity and the open flow of information within the whole group’s collaboration.

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Peace Circle

A peace circle is a Restorative Justice model that, like other Restorative Justice practices, can be used to address conflict holistically and solve problems. Peace circles emphasize healing and learning through a collective group process, aiming to repair harm done and assign responsibility by talking through the problem. Peace circles combine victim reconciliation, offender responsibility, and community healing.

United Nations Council on Climate Change
Paris, France 2012

As a representative of Mediators Beyond Borders International, Doreen participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, at which time the historic Paris Agreement was agreed to by 195 Nations.

If you would like to learn more about Mediation and Collaboration, please visit the following websites. (These sites are not EDI sites. The views expressed on these sites are the views of the author, and may or may not express the views of EDI employees.)

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