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Since 1984 Earth Design Incorporated (now International) has offered professional planning and community development services. Midway through our fourth decade of service we draw on that deep pool of experience to offer consulting services to a special, emerging group of international clients. Their projects benefit from a specialized, custom approach.


Having evolved into what some may term a Boutique Consultancy, our personalized services include consultation, mentorship, assessment, concept design, policy / regulatory strategy and implementation, team building, management, facilitation and consensus  building.  True sustainability (environmental, social justice and economic) is at the core of everything we do.    

As we assess our strengths and experiences and we refine our approach we find ourselves re-configuring and growing our team. This growth includes strategic affiliations based on long term professional relationships, giving us the ability to comprehensively address most all aspects of community development, from a public and private perspective. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to consider EDI, feel free to give us a call to introduce your project concept.

We'll buy you a cup of coffee (tea if you prefer) and we'll discuss !    

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