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Jeremy Freund, Principal Planner

With more than 20 years of hands-on development processing experience, Jeremy  is expert at all levels of land use permit processing from local jurisdiction to government agencies.  Educated as a City Planner and experienced as an civil engineering oriented facilitator, Jeremy has superior technical and negotiation skills. He has prepared and processed of projects that required major and minor use permits; coastal development permits; conditional use permits; development plans preparation and review; parcel boundary adjustments, parcel maps (less than 5 lots), tract maps (5 or more lots); Specific Plan and General Plan Amendments.

Jeremy is currently providing local government project processing. 

Jeremy photo.jpg

Areas of Expertise:

  • conduct feasibility analysis reports (due diligence) for new projects 

  • perform field investigations

  • public presentations 

  • manage application projects for State of California and Federal government regulatory permits:  nationwide permits with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Section 404 permits); California Department of Fish and Wildlife Streambed and Lake Alteration Agreements (Section 1600); and the Regional Water Quality Control Board Certification (Section 401)

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