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Codes and Policies

We are experienced in all phases of building a new Cannabis Industry in a local community. The first phase of Industry building is the decision to move forward. Prior to that decision we provide analysis to inform robust discussion.  That discussion can include items such as the potential impacts of various location scenarios, the impacts to the valuation of real estate, the influx of new employees, the preferred mix of Cannabis use types and the structures that house them, security and the like. 

Once a decision is made we work with legal staff and provide input on the impacts of proposed Municipal Code changes. We also prepare draft code.          

Creating the Project Review Process

We take the the Code that was just approved and create the step by step Application Review process that implements and conforms to the Code. This includes the Template for the Application Package which addresses both the Conditional Use Permit and the Operations Permits; sample Staff Reports; recommended Staff assignments for data tracking; and, recommendations for using specialty consultants who evaluate product handling and security plans and who track evolving state legislation in detail. 

Application Processing 

We provide Application processing and mentoring / Staff training from pre-Applications through Building Permits and Operating Permits. It 's been our experience through this early stage of this Industry that a fairly high percentage of Applicants (including those with significant business experience) have relatively little development / project processing expertise.  Some additional guidance goes a long way for the Applicant and for the Community.    

Cannabis processing.JPG
Education and Training 

In 2016 we started our Commerical Cannabis support journey with Code revisions to address the City Council's preferred direction. Several projects have now completed the process and are now in Operation - in compliance with State of California mandates. We are happy to provide "lessons learned" , comment and /or mentoring all points along the journey toward establishing a Commercial Cannabis Industry in your jurisdiction. We are available to discuss providing process support (from due-diligence on) for private industry. 

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